Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Place Settings

When planning your wedding and decorating your venue it is important to not just look at the centrepiece on your tables. If you are having a formal sit down wedding breakfast your guests will have assigned seating. If you want to make the type of impact that guests remember, pay special attention to their place setting.

I've been looking at some options, and there are a range of options for different budgets. Adding a charger plate may seem a minor detail but it can make a large impact. To buy these you could be looking at spending from 99p upwards. Here is an example of a beautiful place setting which I LOVE!

If your theme is vintage and your budget is a little tighter then use this doily idea!
Cut our plate sized circles in your chosen colour and theme and then add the doily on top. Finish it off with a accent menu card to remind you guest what s being served and some fun props.

If your having a more rustic buffet then this econg idea is gorgeous!
The designer Kelly Moore has used old newspaper folded into a fan shape and then spray painted copper. If you wanted to go a little more vintage then try tea bag staining old newspaper instead.


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